Urine Tests Can Be Done For Some Of This

Urine tests are performed to evaluate various components in the urine, as a result of waste products made by the kidneys. This test is usually done for several reasons. Urine tests are very commonly done and can be done at home, in a doctor's office, emergency room or hospital, and laboratory. Many different tests can be done on urine. Urine can be assessed based on its physical appearance (color, clarity, odor), pH (acidic and basic levels), the presence of glucose (sugar), protein, nitrite, white and red blood cells, bilirubin, crystals, bacteria in urine, etc. . Purpose of Urine Test Urine tests can be done for several reasons, such as: Pregnancy test Urine tests to determine pregnancy can be done alone using a pregnancy test kit or test pack that is sold freely in pharmacies, can also be done in a clinic or hospital. Knowing foreign substances Knowing the presence of certain substances or drugs in a person's urine, for example in athletes, students, office
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